Method actors are our favorite! They research so much and get into the character so well that at times it is difficult for them to break out of it. Some actors even purposefully do not break free from their onscreen characters until late. Maybe that’s the secret of their stellar performances which fetch them such accolades and give us an ample treat to feast on!

Meryl Streep

Oh c’mon, she had to be on the list! For her role of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep became the cold and heartless fashion icon and editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine. On the first day, she met co-star Anne Hathaway and said that Anne was perfect for the role of Andrea and that was the last time she would be talking nicely to her! It was after months, during the promotions that Anne met Meryl, “the actor” and not “the character”!


Jim Carrey

In the biopic of the comedian Andy Kaufman, Man on the Moon, Jim Carrey was at his utmost best performing both as Andy and his alter-ego Tony Clifton. He got so engrossed in playing the two characters that he himself started to behave like them even when the camera was not rolling. The director thus decided to make the most of it and captured everything that Jim did. Some of those scenes made it to the original cut.


Tom Hardy

As Max Rockatansky in Mad Max: Fury Road, Tom would remain in character and keep talking to himself, avoiding his co-stars and other people on the film set. He exhibited closeted behaviour as if he was trying to safeguard the character of Max from getting polluted by his real self and not delivering the best.


Christian Bale

Bale pretty much gets into every character he plays (including the Psycho!) but it was Batman that got the best of him. Although being English, Bale took up Batman’s American personality for the entire period of filming (both onscreen and offscreen) as well as for interviews and promotions. He was so convincing that fans didn’t realize until late that he wasn’t American! Wait, did YOU know that he wasn’t American?


Daniel Day-Lewis

In the Steven Spielberg-directed biopic Lincoln, Daniel became Lincoln and excelled it. Again an English actor who retained his American character for the role, Daniel Day Lewis used to sign his texts and messages as the former president!


Tell us which one did you like the most and let us know if we missed out on someone! Cheerio!