You have been spending a huge amount of time online, and be it texting or just scrolling through, you can’t help but use the adorable yellow emojis. They are so popular that people just can’t have a conversation without them! But do you really know the meaning of all the Emojis that you use daily? Well, some of them are plain and simple but some are very different from what you think! These little conversation makers are not going anywhere soon so you better brush up on your Emoji skills. Sounds very ninja, doesn’t it?

The thing is that many of these are from a very different culture than yours, which is why you can’t relate to them. We have tried our best to unravel the meaning of the most misunderstood ones. Have a look.


This is not a blind man smiling but a regular dude with shades trying to act all smug!


Toothy smile

Teeth pressed together might give you the idea that the person is angry but look at the eyes. They look happy. So, it’s basically someone trying to be cute and funny at the same time!


Not talking

This one without a mouth means there isn’t going to be any talking. That maybe because the person wants to keep it a secret and not spill the beans. Time to go back to the conversations and see who sent you these!



This is pretty simple. Eyes screwed shut and the laugh simply means that you just can’t stomach the hilarious laughter and HaHaHa…



Eyes screwed shut but instead of the laugh, there is the twisted mouth! That person is really irritated with ya! Uh Oh!



That drop is not a tear but sweat and it means that the person is really uneasy and worried


Japanese food

When we told you about a different culture, we meant this. A meal of egg, fish cakes, meat, and vegetables is what it is! This is a very popular Japanese meal.



Star trek is a culture in itself. This hand gesture by the famous Spock (RIP¬†Leonard Nimoy) from star trek is a popular greeting, meaning “Live long and prosper”!


Fist bump

Sorry to break to you guys and girls but this is not a punch but a FIST BUMP! When someone sends this to you it means that they wanna fist bump with you. Kinda like a high five!


High Five

Talking of High fives, this is a HIGH FIVE and not hands folded in prayer. Look how we found the perfect picture to explain it to you. Do you see the spark? That’s a high five spark, ladies and gentlemen!

meaning of Emojis

Now that we have helped you out with these emojis, are there any that still confuse you? Let us know in the comments and we will get back to you with the secret unravelled. Scouts honour!