Facebook board member Marc Andreessen recently made a grand impression of what an incredibly intelligent human being he is, by posting a series of extremely interesting comments on Twitter, on Tuesday, 9th February. In them, he expressed his disappointment at TRAI’s ruling on the topic of differential pricing, that completely rejected Facebook’s “Free Basics” program. His tweets essentially conveyed his opinion of colonialism having been good for the Indian people, and it’s beneficial if it continues as well, basically indicating that India was better off under the British rule, a comment that drew outrage and furious reactions from Indians, all over the world.

Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen

Realising what a monumental ass he had made out of himself, Marc was quick to delete his tweets, hoping it’d get swept under the rug. However, by then, a screenshot of his tweets was already in circulation and wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Posting some sort of a pseudo-apology, Marc tried to make up for it, but the damage was already done. He was being bombarded with tweets from a billion enraged Indians!

This is the entire “apology”:    Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen

Within hours, the other Mark, i.e. Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg sent out a strong disclaimer, distancing himself and Facebook from the incident, calling the comments “deeply upsetting”:

“I want to respond to Marc Andreessen’s comments about India yesterday. I found the comments deeply upsetting, and they do not represent the way Facebook or I think at all”

Marc Andreessen

Picture Source     Marc Andreessen

Zuckerberg also wrote:     Marc Andreessen

“India has been personally important to me and Facebook. Early on in my thinking about our mission, I traveled to India and was inspired by the humanity, spirit and values of the people. It solidified my understanding that when all people have the power to share their experiences, the entire world will make progress.”

We understand how much of a burn you felt after your grand schemes of turning India’s internet service into another one of your minting press, Mark and Marc, but keep a handle on yourself in public, eh?      Marc Andreessen

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