Mumbai man talks about being raped at the age of 7 by his uncle and his friends. It continued for 11 years until he said NO!

He couldn’t ask for help and [sic] kept quite because what if he wasn’t considered ‘man enough‘ to not bear the pain.

Humans of Bombay has done it again. It has brought to us another story that we all need to read. Not because someone has been through a traumatizing experience but because it’s high time we bring about a change. This man spoke about his abuse and why he has decided to fight it.

“My uncle was giving me a bath when I was 7 years old, and that’s when it first happened. He forced me to give him a…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Tuesday, January 12, 2016


We applaud him for he had the courage to come forth and talk about his experience. May God bless him with plenty of wonderful experiences in future.

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