Meet Reg Foggerdy from Australia. This Man Survives On Ants For Six Days after he was found missing while heading towards Shooter’s Shack Camp near Laverton in West Australian Goldfields.


One day from the hunting trip, when Reg failed to return, his family members started to look for him with the help of police, when lastly he was found by the trackers. He was found 15 kilometres away from where he went missing. Reg was sitting under a tree without water and food since last two days, said the police superintendent Andy Greatwood. What left everyone astounded was that he survived on black ants for the last six days since October 7, the day when he disappeared.

This man was absolutely tired and dehydrated when the trackers found him. He has been provided with first aid to keep the situation under control. What is most pleasing is that now he is fit and can move with the grace of God.


Both his wife and sister are happy to have got the news that Foggerdy is keeping fine and ok. ‘I am going to get him a satellite phone’, said Reg’s sister to the radio station.