He must be over 60 by now. 43 years ago, driven by guilt, this man was ready to end his life. He was on his way to his lonely apartment to ‘give himself the discharge’ when it started raining heavily. He didn’t take shelter. As he walked ahead, he saw her; the one that got away. Drowned in the terrors of war, he was unknowingly rescued by her and you have to read to find out how.

Most of us have that one person to whom we could meet once again and tell them how much we love them and miss them. It’s the same for him. His sense of loathing succumb to his mission to find her. He still hasn’t given up. One just doesn’t give up.

the one that got away jokingree

Kate Rouch, a Facebook employee, shared this post from Boston craigslist. You can’t miss out on this beautiful revelation of a man who was saved that fateful rainy afternoon. His friend asked him to look for ‘her’ on Facebook. His is hopeful. He pours his heart about the incident and makes you wanna hug him.

Please, share this post and help this man find her lady. Show him the good that is in the world. Show your support. I urge you.