Lost her on Sept 11 attacks, still in love, will always be in love. Guy meets StoryCorps to recreate his love story! Will melt your heart…

Posted by Joking Ree on Saturday, September 19, 2015

11th September terror attacks mark the 14th anniversary this year. The day, pretty uncomfortable, no one knew how to pay tribute to. Especially those who were not directly affected. However, one of the best ways to pay tribute to people who have lost their lives on the attack would have to hear their stories patiently and building stories about them.

StoryCorps September 11 initiative aims to record the stories of those who have lost their lives during the massacre. Three of the stories have been beautifully animated into short films and they have done a great job in revealing their hearts regarding the painful disaster of having lost loved one in a terror attack.
The first animation tells the story of Richie Pecorella, who had lost his fiancee Karen Juday during the terrorist attacks. Karen used to work as an administrative assistant in the 101rd floor of the North Tower. He still miss her eyes, the way she cared for him and taught him patience. He was a changed man, a 15 year old, every time he was with her!

StoryCorps September 11 initiative aims to pay tribute to all whose those have lost their lives and well as those who have lost their loved ones.

They will always live in our hearts… Watch this adorable video and share this with your loved ones to show them that you care!