Little girl gets lost and asks strangers on the street to help her look for her mother. All is well and fine when things take a nasty turn!

Posted by Joking Ree onĀ Thursday, September 17, 2015


This little lost girl approaches strangers on the street claiming to have lost her mother and asks for help. While some reactions are heartwarming, some are astonishing. She is handed over money, metro cards and people even inform the police to help her out. Whereas, some guy brutally shoves her away!




YouTuber DennisCee conducts social experiments that are enlightening. This video is one such eye-opener. Things took as really bad turn when a guy tried to forcefully ‘help’ the little girl, grabbing her by the hand. He claimed to have heard her mother looking for her in the corner of the street. The world is at times a really horrible place for poor helpless souls. Would you have helped her?

Watch the video to find out if the girls makes it to safety! Share it with your loved ones to alert them of such mishaps.