Isn’t it great when our favourite Hollywood heartthrob has some Desi connection!? And we have found not one but two such India connections with Leonardo DiCaprio! YAY! Our Darling DiCaprio wears a red thread, Kalava (aka Mauli) around his wrist. Leonardo India connection

Leonardo India connection

So what made Leonardo have this inclination? Was it to break the Oscar jinx? We Wonder! Kalava, as you might know, indicates the Hindu Faith and symbolises protection and purity. It is also believed to represent security, bravery and generosity.


Picture Source Leonardo India connection

Leonardo was spotted wearing the Kalava at the Linwood Dunn Theater, representing “The Revenant”. As we all know, his Oscar “Award Winning” debut is yet to happen and we hope that the Kalava helps him get over the jinx. Leonardo India connection

However, this is not the first time Indian culture has instilled faith in foreigners. Barack Obama is also seen to sport a symbol of Hindu faith. Obama carries a few charms with him always and a tiny Hanuman statue is one of them. Read about it here!

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