At the 88th Academy awards, everyone’s favourite Golden-haired charmer finally bagged the coveted Golden statue that he so rightly deserved since forever! And we’re almost in tears, in relief and happiness for him! Leonardo DiCaprio the coolest guy

leonardo DiCaprio the coolest guy

Picture Source   Leonardo DiCaprio the coolest guy

But, hearing that acceptance speech at last, after what one would think he’s had to rehearse each of the past 4 nominations he’s had, only to be heartbroken, we cannot help but be awed by what a sporting and grounded person he is! Leonardo DiCaprio the coolest guy

leonardo DiCaprio the coolest guy

Picture Source   Leonardo DiCaprio the coolest guy
Here are the top 4 things about Leo, which make you admire the hell outta him!

1. That acceptance speech!

If you thought that being repeatedly deprived of it would make Leo fired up, or burst, or break down, sorry to disappoint you! The way he used the acceptance speech to raise awareness about Global Warming, an issue very close to his heart makes us respect the man like crazy!

2. His reaction to the jokes!

Unless you’ve been living under a very large rock in a yet to be discovered planet for the rest of your lives, you know about the Leonardo DiCaprio memes. From making parodies using scenes from his movie to an actual game about him chasing the Oscar statue, the internet hasn’t really been that kind. But Leo’s taken it all in stride, cool and unbothered, rather, joining in himself! Just watch this clip below!

3. His friendship with Kate Winslet that gives us new #friendshipgoals!

He has been best friends with Kate ever since Titanic, and the two are inseparable in their love and support for each other! He spoils her kids, and Kate’s ex-husbands are all scared of him cause Kate loves him so much, and he’d probably break every bone in their bodies if they ever hurt her. If we could ship any two more than our own mom and dad, it’d be them!

4. This photo.

leonardo DiCaprio the coolest guy

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He doesn’t care that his own suit is getting ruined and he’s getting drenched. Like the perfect gentleman, he passed on his own umbrella to Elizabeth Debicki, to protect her designer gown from getting wet at the Cannes Film Festival 2013!

Chivalry is still alive, people! Respect.

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