It was just another day at IBN7 with a debate going on Radhe Maa when suddenly it turned violent. A panel of astrologers and religious leaders were involved in a usual ‘civil’ debate when things took a very nasty turn. Baba Om ji made personal remarks on astrologer Deepa Sharma commenting on her marital life. It was outright distasteful for anyone to take a dig at someone’s personal life.


Sharma rises from her seat while taking off her microphone to leave the set when she halts and rethinks. She walks towards the Baba and lands a slap on him. The Baba is taken aback but responds with full rigour and hits her back. What ensues is a nasty scuffle between them and the camera panning up to the ceiling. The head of the channel has condemned that act and said that guests are expected to be well-mannered.