Do you know about the Karan Johar hashtag #koffeewithkaran? Well, we think it is a brilliant idea to promote the show and make it trending. Karan Johar encouraged this hashtag by building a Q&A around it and it worked well.

Fans ask him about his life, style, movies and other actors while creeps bother him about landing a chance in Bollywood and his sexuality. But Karan seems very cool and unfazed by it all. We know how hilarious he can be at times and this was one of those ‘funny Karan Johar’ moments! Karan Johar shuts troll Karan Johar shuts troll

The hashtag Q&A started trending and so did the tweets!

At first, it was all fun and good. Fans asked him about his favorite actor, his show and the stars they would wanna see on the couch.

We want Sunny! We want Sunny!

And then there were the enquiries about hot Bollywood stars!

Ain’t no one calls Karan, bhaiyaa!

And then it started. This guy tweeted a #TBT

But Karan didn’t lose his cool…

Not even when KRK popped up!

but then this just got too much!

Oh wait, THIS is too much… This guy tried to quiz him about his sexuality and got the best of it! Dude thinks homosexuality is against God’s creation. Dude needs a reality check and that is exactly what Karan gave him!

We absolutely adore Karan Johar. They way he laughs at scandalous stuff on Koffee With Karan and those sly smiles, the way he is absolutely upfront with stars on his show, the way he shuts down creeps and yes, we love his movies too!