In an industry where people are unlear about their own ideas, there is one Bollywood actress who knows what she is talking about and it’s Kalki Koechlin.

Personally I am a huge fan of hers. The industry might have tried to sidelined her as the ‘art’ film kind but Kalki rears up time and again and with elan. Not to be mistaken as just the theatre type, Kalki has proven her mettle in commercial movies also. She was That Girl In Yellow Boots and also the preppy ‘rock-chick-girl’ in ZNMDkalki vodka ad kalki vodka ad

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Kalki has described feminism and it’s current state in India very aptly. We cannot forget her monologue The Printing Machine, where she appears in a bandaged dress and talks of the media portrayals. kalki vodka ad kalki vodka ad kalki vodka ad

Not to shy away from speaking the truth, kalki refused to feature in a fairness cream ad, instead went for an anti-ageing one! Her latest endorsement of IICE Vodka (Kinky Chilli) has her talking to you about what You want.

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Time and again we have been fed ideas of right and wrong, ideas of what we should accept and what we should discard. Who does this deciding for us? It’s time we take matter in our hands and begin to question the lessons we have been taught. The truth will stand the test of time and the falacy will wear off. kalki vodka ad kalki vodka ad

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