Two years ago, India Today Conclave invited Kalki Koechlin on stage and she owned it and that too in pajamas! Kalki Koechlin poetry

On International Women’s day, Kalki Koechlin recited one of her poetries about the state of women in India and everywhere. She brings out the truth about women from the beginning of time to the contemporary. In her nursery rhyme, she tells you about Draupadi being married to five Pandavas and Aisha, the child bride of Prophet Muhammad. She also tells you about how girls are brought up with the idea of a Prince Charming who would arrive and save them!

But the truth as we all know is that there is no Prince Charming. There is no one who can save us except for ourselves. Do we really need saving? Yes, we do. We need saving ourselves from the prejudices of society and the idea of a Woman that has been taught to us. It’s time we build our own definitions, quite like she says…

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