Canadian President Justin Trudeau just proved that he is the coolest and the most charming President ever. From time to time we have seen Trudeau bringing together the cultures inhabiting Canada and happily uniting them under one nation. Canada celebrates diversity through Trudeau. His cabinet has an equal number of men and women and as he says, “more Sikhs than the Indian cabinet”. Justin Trudeau celebrates Vaisakhi

Once again Trudeau has made us a fan with this humble gesture. The President celebrated the Indian festival of Vaisakhi on Monday and gave us all a glimpse of it through his Facebook account. He wrote,

Great to be at Vaisakhi on the Hill today! I’m proud to celebrate the remarkable contributions of Sikh Canadians.


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Earlier, we saw President Obama celebrate Diwali at the White House and now President Trudeau celebrating Vaisakhi gives us immense pleasure to know that all isn’t lost.