Australian TV Anchor, Waleed Aly says that ISIS is weak.

TV host for Channel 10’s The Project, Waleed straight away admonishes the acts of terror by ISIS in light of the recent blasts in Paris. He says that the terrorist organisation is feeble but they don’t want you to know that.

[sic]They are feeding on people’s fear and dividing us over it. They are creating terror in our minds and separating us. And how do they do that? By creating differences and claiming responsibility for any organised terror attack on western soil.

Waleed points out that ISIS claims authority for every such massacre even though performed without any coordination through independent groups thus, elevating their ‘terror quotient’.


“They want to appear bigger and tougher! How do I know? Because they told us in their monthly magazine, DABIQ”

Watch this carefully. You just can’t miss Waleed’s passion pouring out in his speech.

It is always the same. It is always the demons feeding on fear of peaceful souls. Are we gonna let them? We get to decide.

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