Seen the movie ‘Limitless‘? Then I’m sure you’ve also wished with all your heart that you could get your hands on one of those super awesome NZT-48 pills that unlock your brain’s full potential, before attempting your next Semester Finals, or say, before asking out that cute girl you’ve been checking out in your batch! Well, sadly, we’re still decades, if not, centuries away from that kind of advancement in drugs, but we’ve still got some pretty impressive ones, right now itself!

Indian Air Force

Picture Source     Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force, the 4th largest and one of the best air forces in the world, has had a long and proud history of being one of the toughest in the world. But now, the IAF has added yet another weapon to their already impressive arsenal.

Indian Air Force

Picture Source      Indian Air Force

According to reports by The Times of IndiaIAF pilots have nowadays started using ‘Go‘ and ‘No-Go‘ pills to enhance their alertness, and keep themselves raring to go 24/7, during long and exhausting missions. The ‘Go‘ pill is an alertness enhancing drug called Modafinil, which boosts the adrenaline rush required for a combat mission, keeps pilots awake, enhances their alertness as well as gives a boost to their cognitive power, whereas the ‘No-Go‘ pill is a sedative used to treat insomnia called Zolpidem, which helps fighter pilots fight fatigue and sleep deprivation so that they can improvise on their war-fighting skills, and sleep well after the mission so as to ensure that he remains sharp and at his best for the next one.

Already in use since the last 3 to 4 years, the pills were used extensively during the ‘Livewire exercises‘ held during Oct-Nov last year. The 24/7 exercise involved activation of all 54 air bases in the country in order to check their offensive and defensive capabilities in a war-like situation.

Indian Air Force

Picture Source   Indian Air Force

The pills are approved by IAF doctors and after carrying out field trials as well as research, they are of the view that Modafinil and Zolpidem would help optimize IAF personnel’s performance in a sustained operational scenario, said a senior IAF officer. Also, the pills are not taken every day and are allowed only for specific missions and that too under strict supervision.

However, we obviously still cannot help but wonder what the long-term effects of the drugs would be, since with all drugs, there are eventual side-effects that only get discovered after extended use. However, the answer is no, the use of these pills does not lead to any kind of addiction or undesired impacts on one’s health.

Indian Air Force

Picture Source    Indian Air Force

Thus, effectively, what we get are fighter pilots so focused, sharp, and intuitive that they’re always in their top form, ready to take down anyone that dares come up against them. Could we BE any more proud of these guys?

So what do you think about these wonder drugs and their use by the Indian Air Force?? Let us know in the comments!

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