In a confoundingly hilarious turn of events that will make you go “whaaaaaa………t..?”, class 12 students of the Sanskriti School in Delhi’s Chanakyapuri were made to sing and dance for their Physics annual exam by a CBSE Viva examiner. And if that wasn’t all, they were also asked questions about the Indian Cricket team’s Captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the upcoming T-20 Cricket World Cup.

Inappropriate CBSE school

Picture Source      Inappropriate CBSE school examiner

The matter was discovered when the first batch of students who had finished the Viva, complained to the school Principal Abha Sahgal, about the irrelevant questions being asked by the CBSE school examiner. On coming to know about it, she immediately reported the matter to the CBSE board, and thankfully, the examiner was removed, before even more students had to go through the ridiculous ordeal.

Inappropriate CBSE school

Picture Source     Inappropriate CBSE school examiner

CBSE officials stated that the examiner has been withdrawn from the school for the rest of the practical exams:

“We received a complaint from Sanskriti School on Friday about some issues with the examiner during the Physics viva. On the basis of their complaint, we have withdrawn the examiner from the school for the rest of the practical examinations.”

The Viva immediately became a topic of discussion among the students on a closed social media group.

“Be ready to sing and dance in your Chemistry viva tomorrow. Most of my viva today was about how Dhoni became the captain of the Indian cricket team”

– one student wrote.

“Our viva started with some questions related to physics and then it went on to singing and dancing. The examiner made us sing”

– said another.    Inappropriate CBSE school examiner

“The examiner was a funny man. He asked what my favourite sport is and if can sing.”

– another student posted.   Inappropriate CBSE school examiner

Enraged parents of the students also lodged a strong complaint to the school, which promised them that the matter would be reported to the Council.    Inappropriate CBSE school examiner

“The school authorities assured us that the matter has been brought to the knowledge of CBSE. It is completely unacceptable that our children are made to do irrelevant things at the practical examination,” said one of the parents.

Inappropriate CBSE school

Picture Source    Inappropriate CBSE school examiner

Why the hell weren’t the examiners during MY finals like this?? I could’ve so scored a solid 10 out of 10!      Inappropriate CBSE school examiner

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