The one thing that comes to our mind when everything seems lost is family. From strength to support to sheer happiness, family gives us all. They are the people who have always been there, even when we were not looking. One such family person is Dad!

Fathers are the silent guardians who at times shy away from expressing their love. Their tenderness is often lost behind their sturdy appearance. And artist Snezhana Soosh captures just that. The young artist creates illustrations of love between a father and daughter describing the special bond beautifully in her paintings, showing how our fathers have always been there for us… Always.

Like when he saved you from monsters – real & imaginary!


When he isn’t afraid of the impossible – even braiding your hair!


When he carried you or his world on his shoulders


When he always kept you close to his heart – warm & secure


When he isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself, just to please you


When he gave you the bigger share of everything


When all your dreams were his mission to fulfill


When he didn’t worry about Mom getting angry


When your tea parties were more important than anything


When he made you see the beauty in simple things


When he knew what you loved and did just that


When he let you win all your games


Which is why you never wanna let him go


And he really does never let you go…

illustrations of love between a father and daughter

Aren’t Dads the best? Yes, they are. Daddies are our Superheroes and the very first love of our lives. There will be no other man as important as him. You are the best, Daddy! <3