A Hungarian camera woman was fired immediately after she tripped a Syrian Refugee on Tuesday, the 8th of September 2015. The Syrian refugees were supposedly fleeing in fear of  Hungarian police near Serbian border in the village of Roszke. Petra Lazlo,  a member of an anti-immigration group worked as a journalist for N1TV channel. She was filmed hitting a Syrian refugee striking her leg out which hurt a father and his small child causing both of them to stumble and fall on the ground. They and many other Syrians fled a collection camp due to its poor conditions. The news has been widely published over the social media sites that induced rage among the commoners. The immature behaviour of the journalist struck the public as ruthless. This caused her being sacked immediately by her employer from the news channel. In the video, we can see how the camera person trips a Syrian refugee carrying his young child. She had also been caught tripping a young girl!


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