A banker in Cameroon, Central Africa, Kibonen arrived in New York with big dreams of becoming a Fashion Designer. And no, this is not a story of how the Big city crushed her small town dreams. Read on.

Kibonen westernised herself with hairstyles and branded clothes. When she visited home, she saw her town with new eyes. Her earlier local and primitive idea changed into cultural and beautiful. She went back to NY, sewed a traditional dress and wore it to work. A customer came along and… Read what happened next.

(1/3) “I used to work at a bank in Cameroon. I designed clothing as a hobby, but I never really saw it as a possible…

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To Kibonen, it seemed like destiny came calling. She started to pursue art and design. Her high time came when her favourite actress requested for her dresses. Find out more here…

(2/3) “It began to seem like my destiny was to be a fashion designer. So many things started happening for me. I…

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But destiny had other plans. Kibonen took this setback as a challenge. She did not take it as a failure but a lesson. Her faith never shook. Kibonen was in the city for some work and that is when Brandon of HONY came along.

Part Three is out- i am in tears- 10.000 new facebook followers several orders to my paypl and my website is crashed. This is how God works

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Her story touched a chord with many across the world. Don’t we all know how the magic of HONY works? It is such that the number of people visiting Kibonen’s website has resulted in a crash. Check out.


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God pulled her back like an arrow and has now launched her! The internet world gave her the HONY death hug and Kibonen is overwhelmed. Check out this amazing picture Kibonen shared!

When you really do not know the angle your story is going to take until you meet with #Brandon of @humansofny. What are…

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