This is a story of Zaaria  who got married at the age of 19 with a person who had changed her life! She had thought of him as someone whom she had always dreamt of. However, the reality was something else. Read her story from Humans of Bombay.

The person whom she married had his business in Bombay and Dubai. So both of them could hardly meet. One day when they met in a coffee shop that was the beginning of their relationship as well as days of agony. The family of the boy wanted both of them to get married as soon as possible since he was 7 years older than her.

Zaaria Patni fought jokingree

Painful days started from the Honeymoon itself. He would torment her both physically and mentally. She was not allowed to put on a jacket except for only salwar-kameez in London. She was forced to freeze! Back in Dubai, he didn’t allow her to switch on the AC in spite of the scorching weather conditions.

If Zaaria would dare turn it on, he would snatch her perfumes and upturn her wardrobe! She was not allowed to look anywhere apart from him. She was under his strict rules about wearing clothes. He would drive his car at maximum speed and threaten to throw her out if she fails to obey.

Between these tortures, she found herself pregnant into six months of marriage. Even this did not change him. He would not allow her to take medicines when she was throwing up 30 times a day. It drained out minerals from her body. Zaaria was too weak to even barely stand when he took her to the hospital. Back home, he pushed her, she bleed and he took another 24 hours to rush her to the hospital. The hospital slip said, ‘Bled yesterday and brought to the hospital today.’

She had had enough. She walked out. Her family was preparing for divorce while in a legal notice he claimed the custody of her unborn child. Soon after her delivery she went to court to fight against the claim and won after SIX years. He had bribed everyone to stop supporting her, but nothing could stop Zaaria. In 2012, mastering all miseries she won all the cases with the proof of the hospital slip.

Zaaria now lives on with her son, Muhammad who is the love of her life.

Zaaria Patni fought jokingree

Zaaria gives us a thoughtful message which says, ‘ Please don’t rush into marriage because so often what people appear to be and who they are, is entirely different.’

Some people could not believe something like this could ever happen to a woman and many have tweeted about her courage and self-motivation that has led her through the difficulties. Salute to her conviction and strength! We love you Zaaria and wish you, your lovely son and your entire family a very Happy life. You are our SuperHero!

Zaaria Patni fought jokingree

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Zaaria Patni fought jokingree