This is a story of an unfortunate father Rafael Del Col who was left all alone after he lost his wife Tatiane in a car accident in 2013. Tatiane was pregnant at the time of her death with the second child that died along with her. It would be an extremely challenging situation for any father to raise a child all by himself without a mother. Here it reflects a similar story. The helpless father Rafael Del Col is left to raise his two-year-old daughter after the sudden demise of his wife. The most devastating event   in his life has snatched away everything leaving behind an infant daughter Raisinha. This is the hope for which Rafael wants to live, to fight and master all odds. However, the way he did it brings tears to our eyes.

Rafael Del Col started recreating the photos with his wife that was taken before the wedding. He tried to take help of many fathers who had been through similar situations while he was finally inspired by Ben Nunery who had lost his wife to cancer and had recreated their wedding photos. He even started writing his own blog in order to come out of the situation.


The grieving dad organises a photo session with his infant daughter to that resembles her dead mother. He made a video with his little Raisinha, the same shots taken with his wife. The widowed father pays an emotional tribute to his late sweetheart Tatiane Valques! Both the father and the child felt a little closer to their her who has been cruelly snatched away from them.



father- daughter4




The little Raisinha, dressed in her mom’s attire with her shoes and jewellery recreated her presence and memories along with her father. All was done to make Titiane’s spirit stay alive with them. The family dog Raul is also featured in the image, most similarly as he was there when Tatiane was alive.

People adapt different ways in order fight a tough situation in their lives as well as come out of it. Some cry, some stay quiet, some express in different ways while some recall the sweet memories. However, this story is the most touching story of a grieving father that tends to go touch one’s heart. We all sympathise with the him and pray that he can successfully handle the situation and raise Raisinha as the couple had dreamt together.

Have you experienced something like this or know of someone who has? How did they overcome the pain? Share with us your memories. We would love to hear from you.


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