The suicide of television actress Pratyusha Banerjee took the entire country by shock. The television industry, along with Bollywood, expressed their condolences to her family. A lot has been going around regarding the suicide. Some claim that Pratyusha was instigated while some say that she was battling acute depression.

Many celebrities have come forward to speak about depression and how it affects young minds and forces them towards degenerative means. While all of that has been taken in stride, Hema Malini‘s tweets on the suicide of Pratyusha Banerjee didn’t go down well with the internet. Hema Malini tweets on suicide Hema Malini tweets on suicide


Particularly the words ‘senseless suicides’ were taken quite harshly by the Twitterati and they felt that Hema Malini’s tweet was very insensitive.

We agree with her that suicide is not the answer to the problems we face in life, and we should strive and fight for what we believe in. However, Hema Malini then went on to add two more tweets with phrases like ‘fighter not a loser’, which again was difficult to digest.

We do feel that she tweeted about the incident in absolute positivity and wasn’t maligning anyone, but her choice of words could have been better. Pratyusha was the lead of one of the most popular television series in India, ‘Balika Vadhu’. She was chosen out of the many girls who had auditioned for the role and finally India voted for her out of the three finalists for the role of ‘Anandi’. We believe the suicide wasn’t at a moment’s loss of judgement.

Hema Malini, in her third tweet, is absolutely correct about media’s involvement in such cases. She aptly points out that for the media, celebrity suicides have become just another bit of juicy fodder to sell.

Twitter wasn’t pleased with the actresses’ tweet.

The death of Pratyusha Banerjee has deeply saddened India. We wonder what pushes an individual to such an extent. We hope that depression and mental health is dealt with in utter seriousness, and we really need to stop making a joke about it. Mental health is a serious issue and deserves our attention. What do you think?