Happy Birthday to the most Beautiful! We don’t say beautiful this or that because you can’t just categorise Sushmita Sen into a box. She is beyond everything. Almost two decades ago she enthralled the world by winning the Miss Universe title. Bong beauty born in Hyderabad, Sen grew up to be what most women dream of. At 25 she fought the prejudice of a single mother and adoption. She won! Mother to Renee and Alisah, Sen has been epitomised on screen in various forms. Have a look at her most memorable screen glories.


Mother of a 10 year old and ACP, Malvika Chauhan was portrayed exceptionally well by Sen. When most actresses took romantic scripts to excel at cinema, Sen didn’t hesitate to don a gun and shoot the head of off the murderer!




Dealing with the then sensitive issue of surrogacy, Sushmita Sen played the role of a friend who agrees to carry a child for her best buddy Tabu. With indifferences erupting between them, the movie deals with how relationships get complicated and more.




When a failed bank employee decides to rob his own bank, you get the third highest grosser in 2002. The movie was a massive hit as well as appealed the critics. Sushmita stood out strong among big guns like Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal.



Vaastu Shastra

Terrorising and frightful, this RamGopal Verma movie was a huge commercial success. Sen justified the role of a mother who would go to any lengths for her family.



Main hu naa

Oh! How can we ever forget the sultry Chemistry teacher? We can’t. We just have to live with the memory of Sushmita in beautiful sarees and graceful walk!




Based on Bhupen Hazarika’s novel ‘The Prostitute and Postman’, Chingari depicted the life of a sex-worker and how even men of faith had no morals. Sushmita as Basanti changed the idea of women being ‘abla’ and dancing to the tunes of villains.



Happy Birthday Sushmita Sen. Here’s wishing her many more accolades in the future. May you shine gloriously forever, like the Star you are! Love.