The recent ad campaign by GAP for kidswear featuring Ellen Degeneres and kids from¬†pre-teen dance group Le Petit Cirque faced a lot of flak from the public for being racist. The ad featured the kids performing various tasks, and one particular black girl being used as an ‘armrest’ (by popular opinion). This was the twitter post of the ad campaign by GAP.

All was well and good until this picture¬†came into light…

GAP apologizes

Picture Source

The armrest comment arises from the fact that a caucasian girl is seen resting her arm on a black girl. This is what has been derived from the picture.

Racism is a big issue, not just in the US, but all over the world. You must have seen #blacklivesmatter trending on the internet and people speaking out on the ostracism. There have been many instances of racism and they have drawn huge international attention.

Twitter wasn’t too pleased about this kidswear ad campaign, either.

Things got even more tensed when filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry tweeted a previous GAP ad picture which was similar to this one EXCEPT a black girl was seen resting her arm on a white girl.

You see the difference and similarity?

GAP’s ad campaign was aimed at showing girls as empowered individuals and ones who can be anything such as drummers, skateboarders, entrepreneurs, and inventors. However, all of it seems to have lost meaning behind racism.

GAP apologizes, and the spokesperson said,

As a brand with a proud 46-year history of championing diversity and inclusivity, we appreciate the conversation that has taken place and are sorry to anyone we’ve offended. This GapKids campaign highlights true stories of talented girls who are celebrating creative self-expression and sharing their messages of empowerment. We are replacing the image with a different shot from the campaign, which encourages girls (and boys) everywhere to be themselves and feel pride in what makes them unique.

Check out this video where you can see the making of the ad and decide for yourself if the picture was really racist or not.

P.S. The caucasian girl is seen hugging the black girl.

Do let us know in the comments about how you feel about this issue and how it could be set straight.