She is so busy reigning Bollywood that she has no time to have a birthday party for herself, and that is the price you pay to be the Queen! Ain’t I right, Kangana?

Many came and went but when Kangana stepped into Bollywood, we all took notice, we knew someone phenomenal had arrived. And this someone has been consistently charming her way to success ever since then. A novice from the Himachal lands in the city of Mumbai, and the rest as we all know is history. But her journey wasn’t all flowers and glitters. Let us tell you the story of the most badass woman in Bollywood through her own words. These Kangana Ranaut quotes will tell you how she managed the numero uno position in Bollywood all the while being the Heroine that she is.

On her struggle in Bollywood

Unlike star kids, a successful debut wasn’t enough to convince Bollywood. She had it tough from the very beginning.


On receiving no support from her parents

Coming from a conservative family, Kangana had to defy her parents to realise her dreams of becoming a star.


On being dismissed by her family

Not just dismissed, but abandoned. Yet, such hardships couldn’t bring her down. She made it to Mumbai alone.


On being treated like a dog

Kangana made it a point to prove herself in acting as well as various other zones. We know that now she speaks impeccable English and has a style statement that has made her the Showstopper time and again.


On being totally unashamed of her demands

Finally having made it big, she does not want to play it safe and be the arm candy of some bigshot actor. She has the mettle to fill theatres on her own. No popular co-star needed here, fellas!


On standing up against her Father

You know your life is going to be tough when you have to stand against your own people but that is the cost of living your dreams. Holding yourself and your dream high enough to not let anyone else ruin it.


On being totally shameless about money

When have you ever heard a Bollywood actor or actress confess that they signed shitty movies for money? NEVER! Well, there you go; honest and candid in your face.


On being graceful with age

When asked about treatments to look younger, here’s what Ranaut has to say…


On turning down a fairness cream ad

Talking about her sister Rangoli, Kangana puts forth the idea of respect when turning down the offer.


On the gender wage gap in Bollywood

It has always been there, but no one talks about it. Actresses have kept their silence for ages and have continuously been underpaid despite being equally talented. Kangana was not the kind to mince her words. She’s talented and she knows it.


On being your own Heroine

Scared and alone in the big city of Mumbai, Kangana rose to her own rescue, and look where she is now…


And being a Superhero

Womanhood goals, ladies?


Kangana, we wish you keep ruling Bollywood forever and we get to see more of you everywhere. Thank you for coming out on your struggles and hardships. It gives us all renewed hopes and courage. We realise we aren’t the only ones bowed down by difficulties, and that we can also strive and thrive. Kangana, you are our Superhero!

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