Europe extends helping hands to Syrian Refugees. They have received them with open arms and open hearts. They have lined streets with food and water. Even children are coming up and sharing their toys. See for yourself.

  1. Syrian children are offered toys in Germany. This picture is of a refugee centre in Hamm.


  1. A  group of Syrian migrants is seen on a bus heading towards Austria followed by Keleti station in Budapest.

Migrants gesture on a bus bound for Austria and Germany, next to the Keleti train station in Budapest, Hungary, September 5, 2015. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

  1. A little boy welcomes the Syrian refugees and wishes to share his toys with them at Munich station.


  1. A cop from Munich is seen making friendship with a little boy from Syria. He lets the boy try his hat on.


  1. 20 refugees being rescued by Antonis Deligiorgis after their their boat sank into water.


  1. A large number of migrants is seen leaving a train that had departed from Germany. Among them, a little boy is seen sleeping on his father’s shoulder.


  1. A Syrian refugee saved by Sandra Tsiligeridu and friends at sea.


  1. The Syrian people are helped by the Hungarians, who are seen waiting for them in order to serve them with food, after they had a long stressful journey.


  1. Arrangements of fresh water have been made by the Austrian people in order to provide relief to the refugees.


  1.  More than thousands of Austrian people come together to welcome the Syrian refugees with their warm hearts.


11. Germany football fields too enlightened to welcome the people of Syria with their warm hearts. The grounds show people with banners and slogans that say, “ Welcome Refugees.”


12. A German volunteer spends lots of time in directing and guiding the Syrian refugees towards Munich station. This is why a German train conductor lets him ride for free.


14.  When the refugees step into the railway station of Munich, there are given a warm welcome. People there gave a standing ovation to them.


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