At the age of 25, Baby Halder walked out of an abusive marriage with her three kids and took life as it came. Today she is a bestselling author with her books being translated into 21 languages, out of which 13 are foreign. Baby works both as a domestic help and a writer.

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She was abandoned by her mother at 4 and her stepmother married her off at 13. Very early in life, Baby understood the hardships she would have to face but that didn’t disheartened her. She single-handedly raised her children in Delhi, while facing mistreatment from her employers. This stopped when she started working for Prabodh Kumar, who is a retired professor of Anthropology and the grandson of Munshi Prem Chand.

After hearing Baby’s story of hardships, Kumar encouraged her to read and write. Then onwards started her literary journey. As of now, Baby has published her autobiography ‘Aalo Aandhari’ in 2002 which is a memoir depicting the difficult life of underprivileged women. A sequel to it ‘Eshast Rupantar’ was published next. Her third book ‘Ghare Ferar Path’ was published in 2014 and it talks about her younger days.


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Initially, what might have been written as a release of all the angst that gathered over the years, found salvage in the hearts of hundreds of readers. Baby Halder once again makes us realise that there is no life unworthy and no struggle unvalued.