Artist and Illustrator Joel Santana imagined Disney princesses as Tattoo pin-up girls and they are beyond your fantasy! The bold and fierce avatar of Disney girls depicted by Joel in his art is refreshing and very attractive.

Joel’s creation consists of many other cool things like Hulk and Black Widow kissing adorably and Ninja Turtle as your pizza delivery boy which you can check out at this Facebook page The Art of Santana. His Disney art however, remains a favourite. He also sells his work as prints and covers at this website, is very interactive with his fans and goes by the name MadHatter!


Characteristic red hair with purple bra and green shorts gives Ariel a very striking look. Not to miss the crab tattoo for Sebastian!

#16 – INKED ARIEL$26 – 12X18 (or 2 for $35)

Posted by MadHat Creative on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Snow White

Snow seems to have developed a thing for poisoned apples and is seen sporting a purple streak of hair which gives a total badass look. You might have missed it but look close for the 7 tattoo. Wonder who is it for?

#20 INKED S. WHITE$26 – 12X18 (or 2 for $35)

Posted by MadHat Creative on Sunday, August 9, 2015


As Beats gives the final touch to Cogsworth’s tattoo, Belle is busy with her book as Chip the teacup looks at her in awe. Belle rocking the ochre corset and sassy teal boots!

#18 INKED BELLE$26 – 12X12 (or 2 for $35)

Posted by MadHat Creative on Sunday, August 9, 2015


And coming to my favourite, Jasmine! Riding the magic carpet, adorned with Rajah, her pet’s tattoo, she looks tougher than street-smart Aladdin.


On popular demand, Joel created Alice and the MadHatter but reversed the roles. Alice is seen tattooing him while all the characters tumble down the rabbit hole.

Alice Prints and Canvas on sale!!

Posted by MadHat Creative on Friday, November 20, 2015


Check out more of Santana’s work here and don’t forget to drop in words of appreciation for the amazing artist he is!

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