India’s pride Dipa Karmakar qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics and became the first ever Indian woman gymnast to qualify for the Olympics. From Tripura, Agartala (NORTH EAST of India), Dipa at just 22 has managed to become the latest sensation of the country and the world!

Dipa also stunned the world in the 2014 Commonwealth Games and this time she performed the PRODUNOVA!

Dipa Karmakar

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A Produnova is a vault comprising of a front handspring and two front somersaults. Named after gymnast Yelena Produnova, iIt is said to be the most difficult and dangerous vault of all!

However, Dipa not only attempted the vault but she excelled at it. Only five gymnasts in the world have performed it and Dipa holds the highest score of them all! 7.000 for difficulty, and an 8.100 for execution – a total of 15.100 for Dipa Karmakar!

Dipa Karmakar

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She recalls Yelena’s vault and says,

But I remember her green costume! I’d seen boys do it, so why not? It’s tough because when you land after two aerial somersaults, the weight that comes on the leg is double – if I’m 45 kg, the legs have to take 80-90 kg. Now, imagine landing on the neck instead, which can crack under such weight. I don’t imagine the worst, it doesn’t work like that.

Watch Dipa’s extraordinary performance here!

Although she had flat feet when she enrolled as a gymnast, Dipa made sure it didn’t hinder her prowess. Now, at 22, she defeated two of her contemporaries who attempted to do Produnova but only Dipa managed to have the perfect score.

Let us all take a moment and let the feeling of her victory sink into us. The years of practice and hard work that we can’t even fathom, has brought India such glory and all because of a girl named Dipa Karmakar.

Doesn’t she make us all proud?!