If you thought that Rohit Shetty can break down an entire aircraft for a song shoot then you might know him too well BUT this time you are wrong!

The famous and loved Gerua song from Dilwale was shot beautifully on a black sand beach of Iceland where Kajol and SRK waltzed on a crashed aircraft. Dilwale is the first Bollywood movie to have shot at that location. And it was shot at a real plane crash site!

dilwale gerua plane

Yes! The plane in the song Gerua is a real crashed one and not Special Effects. Back in November 24 1973, a US Navy DC, McDonnell Douglas, crashed the aircraft when it ran out of fuel. C-47 SkyTrain aka “Dakota” was forcefully landed on the Sólheimasandur beach and all the passengers and crew survived! Dilwale gerua plane Dilwale gerua plane

Everyone aboard was safe and left while the plane remained at the dark Sólheimasandur beach. It is on every tourists must-visit list to go to the plane crash site but not all can. The beach area is very hazardous and risky. But Rohit Shetty doesn’t mind a few risks!

Not only Rohit Shetty but Pop star Justin Bieber’s also shot at this very location. His music video I’ll Show You was shot around Iceland, including the plane crash site. But then again, beiber too fell short of publicity. No one can beat SRK in creating a buzz out of a plane crash.



When Hollywood actor Patrick J. Adams uploaded a picture of the plane on Instagram, all Bollywood fans went crazy. They immediately recognized it as the GERUA plane and SRK once again stole the limelight. Dilwale gerua plane Dilwale gerua plane


SRK and Kajol have been known to popularize Switzerland as the dream destination after DDLJ and now they have made Iceland the next favourite! Dilwale gerua plane

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