There’s something about India that makes even The First Lady, Michelle Obama dance to its tunes, even if she doesn’t understand them… different meaning for INDIANS


Vice versa, there are some things that have entirely different meanings in India as opposed to the rest of the world. Or should I say, an extended version of them! Yes, we Indians are just too much because we believe in living life to the fullest! For instance,


For the rest of the world: A line of people waiting for their turn.

For Indians: A bunch of people at the beginning of a line trying to find out, why it’s taking so late!

different meaning for INDIANS queue


For the rest of the world: A path beside the road for pedestrians to walk

For Indians: A market spread over the vast area beside a very busy road

different meaning for INDIANS footpath


For the rest of the world: A beverage made of leaves

For Indians: The ELIXIR of the entire Indian civilization. Without it and it’s best friend, SUTTA, an Indian is most likely to not function at all; not even his bowels!

No wonder, Beyonce is lusting at it too…

different meaning for INDIANS chai


For the rest of the world: A huge number of vehicles moving along the road at slow pace

For Indians: A humongous number of vehicles, pedestrians and animals crisscrossed on a road going nowhere!



For the rest of the world: To make space for something/someone to fit

For Indians: Thora aur jagah hoga, adjust naa…



For the rest of the world: A large gathering of people

For Indians: Just



For the rest of the world: A set of regulations for conduct in an area

For Indians: Rules? What!?



For the rest of the world: An result-based activity

For Indians: *Procrastinate*   *Yawn*   *Procrastinate*



For the rest of the world: Annoyed screaming with hatred using slangs

For Indians: Just another friendly conversation with buddies and BCs!



For the rest of the world: A ceremony to recognize two individual getting married

For Indians: Some two people get married, FOOD, BOOZE and Mamaji’s NAAGIN dance! Oh by the way, Menu mein kya hai?



For the rest of the world: A set of parents and children

For Indians: A set of people who take up too much space in the frame! Which is why you need a bigger frame and an even bigger heart!



For the rest of the world: Motion picture with amazing animation as well as startling story

For Indians: Splitting the damn bullet with a blade and killing two villains. Yanna Rascala, you better mind it!



For the rest of the world: Sachin is God!

For Indians: God is Sachin!



For the rest of the world: Spices, IT, Bollywood, colours, etc.

For Indians: HOME. PRIDE.


India is a lot of things but before all it’s home and it’s an honour to be an Indian. So what do you think? Did we get it right? Did we miss out something? Do let us know…

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