She is perfect. She is flawless. And she has everything an ideal Bollywood diva does. Deepika Padukone has each and everything any Bollywood heroine has been famous for. She has all their USPs. And we are gonna prove it!

Look at her! Just look at her…

Let’s just admire for a moment. *swoons and faints*


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The kind of characters she plays on screen

None of them are even remotely close to the other. Such variety! No wonder everyone wants to work with her.


That gorgeous smile!

Remember the time when no one even came close to having a beautiful smile other than Madhuri…


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Damn those dimples!

Hmm… Dimples, dimples… whom did we think when we thought of dimples? And now she has the prettiest ones…


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That Boyfriend of hers

Bollywood celebs have been in the news for their love life but She has Ranveer ‘hotness’ Singh head-over-heels in love with her. You may not like Ranveer but I know you are jealous. Yes, you are jealous because there isn’t a guy who is so crazy and does not shy away from expressing love so openly. You Are Jealous!


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She is a lady

She has always maintained her calm and poise over the issue of her ex-boyfriend and the current one.ย She doesn’t talk a lot and neither less and nor is she diplomatic. Perfection personified.


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Spoke the truth on National television

When stars are being all hypocritical about their nose-jobs and stuff, Deepika created quite a storm by being so candid during an interview. She openly discussed that she faced depression and fought it valiantly.

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Height that towers over the entire Bollywood

Didn’t run for beauty pageants; didn’t need to! I never had any doubt about Deepika being the numero uno. With that height and those legs, she towers over all her counterparts with ease. Born a champion!


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Bashed a daily newspaper

It is terrible when daily newspapers do such things for sales but Deepika was not the kind to just take it lying down. See, how TOI made went scurrying like rats. I wish I could tell them where to go.


She even listens to her fans

And she never disappoints them. Look, how the Instagram page requested her and how she retweeted the fanpage. So sweet…


You will always remain every girl’s idol and the most inspiring celebrity. May your charming and courageous self, shine through the entire world. And may I get a chance to meet you ๐Ÿ˜€ Just once! I swear, once is enough (coz, I might actually die of happiness ๐Ÿ˜› ).

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