This is the heart-melting story of a New York girl who fell to her death from a cliff in Switzerland just at the age of 18. After a decade of her death, her mother receives a message from beyond from Sidonie!


Years ago, Sidonie Fery had left a message in the Atlantic ocean in a bottle with her phone number when she was only 10 years old. By all grace of God her message was found 10 years after her death  by  a group of workers in Patchogue, N.Y, Long Island. Brian Waldron found the bottle with a paper inside  while  cleaning the beach. The message was “ Be Excellent to Yourself Dude,” from the film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The movie was Sidonie’s favourite. The workers, thinking they must convey the message, called to that number and informed about the same to her mother. The bottle was washed ashore to Long Island.


Mimi Fery, the mother of the deceased girl, Sidonie Fery,  said her daughter have always been a vibrant, sportive and vivacious person. She has always seen life positively and have encouraged others to live life to the fullest. Her mother said she became more sportive after receiving the message from her daughter. Mimi took another meaning of the message. She explained the message was trying to convey her that she should not worry about Sidonie.

Mrs. Ferry cried her heart out as she down in front of the press. She said the quotes of the message was from her daughter’s favourite movie, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Sidonie was there in a boarding school in Switzerland in 2010, where she fell from the cliff and died.

Waldron said Sidonie must be watching everything from heaven and must be happy that her mother received the message.

Whatever had happened to Sidonie makes us sob from our heart; however that her mother has received her message after so many years is really a very special gift from the Ocean. We all sympathise with the mother who has lost her daughter and we wish her all the love…

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