A couple clicked an innocent selfie together, but after it was later uploaded to Twitter, the Internet lost its shit! Why? Well, it’s a perfectly lovely photo of the two, seeming to be completely normal, at first, until you look a little more closely. The couple is standing in front of a mirrored door, and in it, the reflection of the husband, is perfectly normal, facing the way it should. However, the woman is facing the opposite way, with her face eerily looking back in the reflection, instead of the back of her head!

creepy couple selfie

Posted on Twitter by user @itsthemans, the picture was discovered to be originally from social media site 9gag.com, which is known for enabling it’s users to doctor an image and upload it, for humour and fun. However, all such images are usually accompanied by a clarification somewhere about it being fake, which was absent in this couple’s selfie. After being posted on Twitter with the caption: ‘WHAT KINDA DEVLISH TING IS GOING ON’, the image has gotten the entire Twiteratti in a frenzy and has already been shared more than 27,000 times!

With comparisons to Professor Quirrell, Lord Voldemort’s host in the first Harry Potter novel, and other theories of her being a demon or vampire, it has become a sensation overnight, giving everyone the chills! However, in all probability, it is no more than a Photoshop edit, in perhaps, an early celebration of April Fool’s Day! (Or at least, we sure hope so!)

creepy couple selfie
Picture Source creepy couple selfie

What do you think? Possessed victim, Demonic entity, Vampire, or just a brilliantly spooky prank? Let us know in the comments!

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