Business cards are very important and bear data about the individual and/or the company. It represents them and gives the receiver a very brief and accurate idea. However, a more creative business cards add value and may also increase revenue. Traditionally business cards were simple black text with white stock. Advertising agencies have now thought of making it quirky as well as  meaningful. It could include creative visual designs to increase the profitability of the business as well as attract new customers.

Check out these creative business designer cards that will amaze you!

Meat Business Card

This business card is uniquely designed and created out of delicious beef jerky meat. Owing to its originality, this is a card you can eat!


WWW Business Card

This is a Business Card created for the web developers. If you notice minutely, the card has been very creatively designed and cut to give it a shape of WWW.


Chair Business Card

The Bent ply furniture store business designs their business card this way. The card looks like miniature armchair if the flaps are folded along the crease. Take a Look!


Pilates Business Card

Now how a pilates business card would be? Mais Studio got themselves this amazing design and shows their flexibility even in their card!


Axe Business Cards

SURVCO  Tactical business card transforms itself to an axe! The card is very much user-friendly and fits into a wallet easily. It can be used as a knife, saw, wrench, screwdriver and a bottle opener. Talk about multitasking!


Karate Business Card 

This Karate club has their card which looks as a broken brick.


Tied Knot Business Card

Derek Royer business card gives a look of a tied knot, which has to be untied to view contact information and business details.


T-shirt Business Card

The T-shirt company got its business card designed by Mikaela Lilhops for its 220 T-shirt design.


Skateboard Business Card

Famous graphic designer Musab Ben designs creative wooden business cards that look like skateboard. Take a Look!


Origami Boat Business Card 

Once you hold the card in front, you find goals of the organisation written above on brightly coloured pesto cover.


Candy Business Card

All of us love chocolates and candies and its a pleasure to have chocolates in business! The user has to unfold the wrapper of the candy to see the business info and contact details.


Red Lips Business Card 

The lips are stamped on a white card with contact information and name of the business house on it.


Dog Food Business Card 

The business house named Sergio Freitas designs its cards with contact information on the dog food. 


Clark Kent Business Card 

The business card here takes the shape of a telephone booth. Uniquely designed, it contains contact information on it.


Golden Business Cards

Golds are meant to be applauded by all. These are premium business cards made of pure gold to impress clients and increase business profits.


Bow and Arrow Business Card

This is a longbow business card. It is combined with rubber bands and can shoot toothpicks. Amazing, isn’t it?


Cheese Grater Business Card

This is a business card designed by JWT advertising agency for a cheese store in Brazil. A metal business card grates cheese and all other kinds of food.


iMac Business Card

A computer store business card designed to look like iMac from Apple; an innovative creation.


Ninja Star Business Card 

This is a fun approach to designer cards illustrated through ninja stars with the contact details is written on it.


Tennis Court Business Card

A perfectly shaped card designed like a tennis court. The card when handed over to the clients is in folded form that unfolds itself in a 3D feature.


Aren’t these amazing? I bet you would have never thought that a business card could be so innovative and interesting.

Share it with your friends to amaze them too… Tell us what kind of business card you have…