Colors Bans Kapil Sharma from using characters and signatures stuff that has made him so famous! They channel and Kapil parted ways early this year and all has not been well between them. The channel didn’t even air the last show even when Kapil requested them. They replaced Kapil’s slot with another show that we hear is not doing well. Kapil’s fans have bashed Colors for the replacement and all the comedians in the new show. Fans were exceptionally angry when the new show made fun of Kapil. I mean how could they!?

The Channel has hit a new low now. Now that Kapil is getting a new show. Colors has taken the matter to court and is making every arrangement to still Kapil’s thunder. Colors has managed to stop Kapil from using the most popular characters and signature items from Comedy Nights With Kapil. This is what they have done!

Babaji ka Thullu Banned

You can call this Kapil invention and technically they can’t take away but they are! Kapil won’t be able to use Babaji ka thullu anymore. This has become so famous that you can see them everywhere. From T-shirts to coffee mugs to memes, Babaji ka thullu is omnipresent. And of course, you use it with your friends too. I know you do…

Colors bans Kapil Sharma

Bade Hothon Wali Banned

Sumona Chakravarti as Manju was always mocked by Kapil as Bade Hothon Wali. He would never cease to pull her leg and sometimes even the guests joined in. Kapil and Manju’s bitter-sweet relationship has always been entertaining, hasn’t it?

Colors bans Kapil Sharma

Bakri Banned

Kapil has even managed to find humour in a cardboard cut-out of a goat! Famous for never giving any milk, Bakri is Kapil’s family member and has been used many-a-times by the guests and Palak.

Colors bans Kapil Sharma

Dadi Banned

Ali Asgar played Bittu’s Dadi who would misbehave with all the male celebs and give them Shagun ki Pappi. She would always leave her red lipstick mark on their cheeks. From her drinking habits to her amorous ways, she was one Naughty Dadi!

Colors bans Kapil Sharma

Gutthi Banned

Does Gutthi even need an introduction? But damn did she give an introduction! Gutthi-Palak-Palak-Gutthi has been the highlight of the show. Sunil Grover shown as this character along with the dressing style and hilarious match of Salwar-kameez and sport shoes. Not to forget the two braids with red ribbons, her dance combat with Palak and the famous poetries.

Colors bans Kapil Sharma

Palak Banned

Kiku Sharda sure did put life into this character. Kapil’s annoying neighbour who would come running to meet the guests all dressed up as their movie character is the funny Palak. Remember how she would challenge them for a dance battle? The way she would shut Kapil with “Talk to my hand” and “Oooooo…” had us in splits everytime.

Colors bans Kapil Sharma

They took away one of the best things we had on TV and now they are ruining it even more but Kapil we stand with you. We love you and you have a huge fan following. You have made us laugh like crazy and we will faithfully follow you on whichever channel you perform.

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