The Chandigarh government has decided to put an end to all the harassment faced by women. The administration of Chandigarh bans skirts! They believe that scantily clad women are the reason why there are assault cases, and banning skirts in discotheques is the ultimate safety measure. Under the policy, Controlling of Places of Public Amusement, 2016 the administration has cited various reasons out of which discotheques and bars are the main areas where anti-national elements prosper in large numbers.

However, the policy does not define scantily-clad women and is clearly a case of moral policing. Time and again, politicians and lawmakers have tried to force their opinion on the citizens in various ways. Be it the attire, or love-life, or marriage, people are being continuously forced to fit into these narrow mindsets.

But then again, people are hardly bothered and are taking turns to make fun of this absolutely absurd policy which has no practicality. Some even think that it’s all Honey Singh’s fault. Wasn’t he the one who pointed out the connection between “choti dress” and “bomb”? Have a look!

And this!

So whaddya think about the skirt ban? Of all the bans, is this the most heartbreaking, guys? And girls, are you up on OLX selling off your spring skirt collection? :(