It is that time of the year, your Boss’s birthday!!! It is when you might find him not shouting at you or asking you about work.

The boss’ birthday is a tricky business. They might not like you to know or secretly hoping that you do.¬†Which type is your boss? Be it anything, you ought to celebrate it. The difficult thing is when the organising lands on your head. Let us help you out with it.

Wish him the moment he enters office

Sounding like the chorus (if not irritating), wish him the moment he enters. Believe me, he will be thrilled!!! Be prepared with some cards written “Happy Birthday” on it. Have some presents ready and plan for what to do next.



Arrange a surprise party

If you don’t want to go all out on him, a surprise party is what your boss would never have expected. Bring cakes and balloons and see how he reacts. Playing some music and games will also be a good idea.



Don’t be a spoil-sport

Now don’t be a spoilt sport in the midst of the party. Take the lead. It would be just so happening!!! Besides, if you are the favourite employee just enjoy the attention of your boss!



Do have some movie plans in the evening

Try and have some decent plans in the evening after office. Especially the one that your boss would like. Do a good homework on your boss’ favourite movie that he wants to watch.



Book a seat in his favourite restaurant and invite him for dinner

If not that then the favourite restaurant of your boss! Book a seat for him there. Let it be a surprise but make sure he has time off.



Surprise him with a gift that he will love the most

To choose a gift that will make your boss happy as well as the one he was craving for is indeed a difficult task, but you need to do it. Think! What is that thing which he likes the most? After all, you have been observing him for so long. In that case, you might talk to him prior to that day without letting him know the purpose and plan accordingly.



Whether your boss is a shy type or a happy-go-lucky person, he will surely love a party from you. He might even be expecting it! Get on with the plans and make the evening grand!

Share this with your colleagues and friends to give them the idea for a surprise birthday party this year!