If you are a 90’s kid then you know American Pie and if and 80’s kid then you know Porky’s. We know you do know about atleast one of these movies. DON’T LIE!!!

This movie starring Shashank Arora, of TITLI fame, is what India made in response to that. Arora plays a young Brahmin boy called Naman in the 80s of Bangalore city who is a geek with a massive sex drive.

He is very popular among the quizzing circle and exceptionally good at it but sucks when it comes to girls. All Naman can do is watch pornography, feast on alcohol and fantasize about those girls.


On qualifying for a National quiz competition, Naman and his buddies go on a trip and swear to lose their virginities but CAN THEY!? That is the question and the movie about…

Watch the Brahman Naman Trailer and you’ll know that this sex-comedy is a class apart. Don’t miss the FAN scene.

This is also Sid Mallya’s acting debut!

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