Boy goes to meet girl whom he met online. Instead he is grabbed by two grown up guys!

Posted by Joking Ree on Friday, September 18, 2015


We have often heard parents being protective about their daughters and warning them about the pros and cons of the social media sites. This is a common belief – girls are exposed to dangers. However, this video will change your notions.! Boys are equally susceptible to the dangers of the social media sites as girls! This is a story of Coby Persin who had gone undercover many a times in order to teach and alert parents as well as their kids regarding the dangers of social media sites. He plans something unique one day.

In order to show that young males are equally exposed to dangers and threats, Coby Persin went undercover as a teenage girl and contacted three teenage boys with their parent’s consent over the social media site Facebook. Only after 24 hours of chat, Coby invited them to hang out, which to everyone’s surprise, they accepted. The boys did not know that he was not the girl they were expecting, Amanda, but Coby and the parents’ of the boys. This he did only to expose the boys in front of their parents as well as teach parents a good lesson how boys can also be exposed to threats.

Share this with your near and dear ones whom you care for in order to protect them against such crimes.

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