A healthy and fit body. Yes! We all dream about it. However, how many of us make efforts to make our dream come true? Though some people really did. Most of our body-builders have put in best of their efforts to be what they are today.

Have a look at these bodybuilders who have made India proud and their success stories.

Thakur Anup Singh

The model turned actor is a fitness freak! He had signed several modelling assignments besides playing in the most popular epic serial Mahabharata in Star Plus. He had played the role of Dhritarashtra in the fiction. Apart from winning the Mr.Asia championships in Tashkent in 2015, he is also the proud winner of gold medal in the fitness physique category at the World Bodybuilding and Physique Federation Championships in Thailand.



Hira Lal

The Mr. world of 2011, Hira Lal is a professional bodybuilder from Kapurthala Punjab. He was awarded the title of Mr. Universe at the 65th World Body Building Championship in Mumbai and won the Gold Medal in 2011 in the 65Kg category.



Ankur Sharma

One of the youngest and talented bodybuilders of India and the Mr. India of 2012 is the winner of several awards. He has won gold in the WBPF World Championship of 2013, the World Championships for men bodybuilding 85Kg in 2009 and Asian Championships in 2007 with 75kg.



Sangram Chaugule

The Mr. universe of 2014 did it all! The Pune-based electrical engineer had won the title of Mr. India once in 2010, 2011, 2012 for 85 Kg category and 2014. His fitness mantra includes 1Kg grilled fish, milk, half chicken and boiled vegetables.



Varinder Ghuman

Varinder Singh Ghuman is a Sikh professional bodybuilder and a Punjabi wrestler. Ghuman has been the Mr. India of 2009 and was awarded 2nd position in Mr. Asia. He too is a pure vegetarian and the only Indian bodybuilder who used to promote health products along with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Asia.



Neeraj Kumar

The Mr. Universe of 2013, Mr. Neeraj Kumar is one of the upcoming bodybuilders of India. He had won a bronze medal As Mr. World in the same year.



Wasim Khan

Winner of International Body Building Fitness Federation world championship in 2015, Mr. Wasim Khan has made India proud by winning gold in not only one category but also won three medals with the overall title.



Murali Kumar

Bodybuilder Murali Kumar is a software engineer and serves the Indian navy. He won the title of Mr. India by defeating Sangram Chaugule on the 15th of March, 2013. This was his biggest achievement in the same year. His diet includes 50egg whites and green vegetables. He also has an intake of protein supplement shakes after his workout. Having started bodybuilding at the age of 25, Murali was awarded the title of Mr. Asia in 2013.



Rajendran Mani

Rajendran Mani, the former Indian air force soldier made the greatest achievements. He had won the World bodybuilding and physique sports championship in men’s 90Kg event. He has in his record, 8 Mr. India and title of Champion of Champions.



Manohar Aich

The winner of Mr. India title in 1952, Manohar Aich is the successful bodybuilder of Bengal. His age is 103 years! Fondly referred to as Pocket Hercules, Manohar Aich is known as the father of Indian Bodybuilding. He is the second Indian to win the title of Miss. Universe.



Suhas Karmakar

The 9 times Mr. India, 7times Mr. Maharastra, and Mr. Asia of 2010, Suhas Kumakar has bagged the greatest achievements for himself coming from a family of bodybuilders. His diet includes 1.5 Kg chicken, 50 eggs, 6 banana, 700gm fish, 5Kg fruits and protein supplements.



Amit Chhetri

The famous Indian bodybuilder, Amit Chhetri was declared the best bodybuilder in the 95-100Kg category in 2013 after he won the Champions Federation Cup in the same year. Besides being a constable of Uttarakhand police, Amit Chhetri brought several prestige and honours to the country including gold that he won in the Fairfax World Police and Fire Games 2015 in Virginia.



Arambam Boby

Winner of Mr. World title in the 2nd World Body Building and Physique Sports Federation in Men’s World Body Building Championship, Mr. Arambam Boby Singh won the gold medal in the 75 Kg category in Welter Weight Division. He also won the 4th World Championship at 7th WBPF championships in Thailand. He had won the gold of 80 Kg category at that time.



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