Bajaj to launch new series of bikes with metal from INS Vikrant! Now, that is something massive!

Bajaj Auto will unveil the new series on February 1st, 2016 and is said to incorporate amazing features but the best one remains to be the metal from the country’s most celebrated aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant. The heritage of INS Vikrant is now set to reside in Indian households.


The fuel tank will carry a badge saying ‘V’ and special one which reads ‘Made with the invincible metal of INS Vikrant.’



The soul of the company lies in their tagline – ‘Buland Bharat ki Buland Tasveer – Hamara Bajaj.’ And so Bajaj came up with this outstanding idea of honoring the hero of the 1971 Indo-Pak war.


Earlier known as HMS Hercules, Vikrant was commissioned by the British Royal Navy during W.W.II but could not participate due to its incompletion. In 1957, India purchased her and on November 3, 1961, Jawaharlal Nehru introduced INS Vikrant into Indian Navy.


She was decommissioned in 1997 and was in a museum till 2012. In 2014, it was reduced to scraps and sold to the highest bidder – BAJAJ!!!

INS Vikrant

Watch the video of her Rebirth!

President, Bajaj Auto Ltd, Mr. Eric Vas said,

For decades, the INS Vikrant has been celebrated as the pride of our country and is synonymous with Indian military capabilities and power projection. We are proud that Bajaj Auto is playing a role in keeping the legacy of India’s first aircraft carrier alive.

He also added,

For the warship, the name Vikrant was taken from the Sanskrit word Vikrānta meaning “stepping beyond”, i.e. “courageous” or “bold”.  These qualities also form the essence of our new brand. We are confident that the bike will carry the spirit and legacy of INS Vikrant forward and become one of the most path-breaking motorcycles, that customers will witness this year.


During her reign, INS Vikrant earned 2 Mahavir Chakras and 12 Vir Chakras for the crew. And now, it is all set to charm its way to the streets of India.

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