Six brothers express their new found love to their baby sister! Its Adorable!

Posted by Joking Ree on Saturday, September 19, 2015

It’s a baby girl! Finally, the long awaited dream has come true for the couple Cher and Stephen. They have already had 6 sons before this. Knox-2, Stepherd-4, Houston-5, Sawyer-7, Campbell-10 and Jackson-13. Now the Lair family was eagerly expecting a girl. In the late August of 2015, a baby girl came to the world that enlightened their family and put an end to their long wait. They called her by the name of Ruby.

In order to celebrate her arrival, the parents decided to let each one of the boys hold their sisters for few minutes as they reveal their feelings over the camera. The big brothers have been extremely caring about their dearest little sister. Each one was so excited to hold her. They hugged, kissed, rubbed noses and expressed apprehensions about everything in their house turning to PINK when she grows up! They are prepared to join the police force to lock up bad guys who would hurt their sister. Way to go Big Brother!

Oh and they also warned boys that they would have to ‘go through them’ to reach Ruby! So cute!

Share this with your loving siblings and remind them of your Love!

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