Coldplay’s latest video “Hymn for the weekend’ created a lot of commotion. Some got offended about the fact that they didn’t portray India to it’s truest sense while some feel that Coldplay was as usual addictive and charming.

While the internet begged to differ in their opinion about the video and Sonam Kapoor’s brief stint in it along with Bollywood Rani Beyonce, this Youtuber decided to have some real fun.

Official Peeing Human, (yes peeing and not Being!) is famous for its mashup. Earlier they did a Beyonce and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo one and now it’s again Beyonce. They seem to can’t have enough of Queen Bey!

beyonce and choli k peeche mashup

Now that Sonam and Beyonce have starred together in the Coldplay video, Peeing Human decided to bring in another Bollywood heroine for the mashup. They got Dhak Dhak girl to do the honours. Oh yes! Beyonce grooving to Madhuri Dixit’s famous choli k peeche kya hai! You just can’t miss the amazing lip-sync that the editor has managed to construct.

Watch and learn guys, Watch n learn the art to Beyonce and choli k peeche mashup! Queen Bey in the House going ku ku ku ku!

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