Julianne Moore, born on 3rd December 1960 is an American-British actress from Hollywood. She is popularly known for her amazing talent in the English movies portraying the role of emotionally troubled women and have received many accolades for the same.

These are films where her work has been an exception besides winning Oscars..!

Have a Look at the list of the best movies of Julianne Moore.

Short Cuts(1993)

The film talks about women troubled with a hell lot of domestic tension and quarrels over the matter with her husband! What won the viewers attention was the fearless acting of Moore when she confesses of having an affair to her husband being completely nude in the waist down!! Her bold yet beautiful aura became successful in creating the benchmark!




This is a psychodrama where Moore performs the role of a woman whose surrounding environment was killing her. As the movie leads to the devastating side, Moore gets more and more into her character which made people understand her value as someone deserving to be nominated for Oscars!



 Boogie Nights(1997)

In this film, Julianne Moore plays the role of Amber Waves, the 70’s porn-star and a surrogate mother which takes a sweet turn as she cares for people around her a lot even though she herself was not in shape! The movie showing the invention of a lost soul won Oscar for Moore.


The End of the Affair(1999)

Moore plays the character of Sara Miles in the film, a woman of England having an affair with a writer named Bendrix. While the first half of the film shows her with the writer, in the second half she stops meeting him, basically being a dual personality. What grabbed everyone’s attention was the way Moore managed to play both the sides of her character!


Far From Heaven(2002)

The film depicts the character of Cathy Whitaker through Moore who is a loving wife and a mother. However, the film takes on a different turn when she discovers her husband’s homosexuality. The way she struggles with the fact until Dennis Haysbert came to the scene with whom she finds ultimate solace attracts the attention of the viewers.


 A Single Man(2009)

The film based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood, Moore appears as a fashion designer where her performance has been outstanding and attracted large no of people of those times, was one of the nominations for Oscar!


 Still Alice(2014)

Julianne here won the Academy Award for her role. The film recognises her overwhelming performance in the emotional drama that deals with the painful truth of living with Alzheimer’s disease.


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