Domestic violence is not only haunting, but it leaves behind a permanent mark in our mind. Some people never recover from the devastation! Flavia Carvalho, a Brazilian artist has come up with an amazing art of transforming cruel acts into symbols of peace. In 2013, Carvalho decided to turn pain into art and started with the project which deals in healing the abused victims, mostly out of domestic violence in order to gift them with a new life.

pain into art

What inspired Flavia?

Women of all age come to her clinic in order to share their horrifying stories with Flavia, tell her about their scars and seeking a solution. Women go through severe depression due to the loss caused to them. Flavia aims to transform the same into a lesser painful thing.

Since 2 years  Flavia has been working on “A pele da Flor” project meaning “The Skin of Flower.” In an official interview, she expresses her wish to work with the Municipal Secretariat of Police for Women and establish a partnership with women’s police station. The thing which inspired Flavia is the shocking story of a woman.

The woman was stabbed repeatedly in the abdomen with switchblade after she rejected a man in the nightclub. This moved Flavia to the extent that she offered them with a new meaning to life.

pain into art

Flavia comments,

“ Women deserve to have their skin protected and embellished. These work of art creates wonders in hiding the scars that results from the effect of mastectomies too”.


All these she does for free in order to help women regain empowerment and self-esteem. Flavia runs a studio in Curitiba, Brazil.

The Cherry Blossom

Flavia designed cherry blossom to a scar caused by an ex-boyfriend’s bullet. Cherry blossom is a symbol of beauty and femininity, indicating the beginning of Spring. Just as Spring comes and lasts for a very small period of time, so does life. Cherish you cherry blossom.

pain into art

The Mastectomy Flower

This has been designed in order to relieve the physical and mental pain due to loss of a breast. Generally, women are left with scars after they undergo mastectomy as a result of aggressive cancer.

pain into art

The ScarFace

Carvalho turned a fierce scar into designing a powerful dog and smiling tricolour face after a woman’s boyfriend stabbed her on the streets.

pain into art

The Catwoman

A stabbed wound from a piece of jagged glass that was transformed into superhero portrait with a cat.

pain into art

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