Amazon sold Cyanide to Indian-origin student who committed suicide. Her mother has sued Amazon, alleging that the girl bought cyanide from a man in Thailand. He sold it through Amazon and listed the cyanide under ‘kitchen’ items. This 20-year-old student of the University of Pennsylvania was allegedly sexually assaulted by a male student. She complained to the authorities but there were no actions taken. This tumultuous incident led to her academic degradation and she was also held for misconduct. The authorities apparently got more and more hostile towards her, pushing her off the edge. The complaint against Amazon said that a part of the sale price was retained by them. More than 50 US customers have purchased cyanide online, leading to 11 deaths. According to New York Daily News, Amazon is not returning their repeated calls for comments on this incident. calls to the family have also not been returned, said Press Trust of India.


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