Sri Krishna is perhaps the most famous avatar of Vishnu. He is known for his wit and his charm. He is also well known to keep his promises even though it may lead to his death. Yes, his death! These 9 facts you didn’t know about Krishna will change your entire idea about the dark-skinned lord.

1. Krishna had 16,108 wives, out of which he wed 8 and the rest 16,100 were Gopis who gave themselves up to his devotion and love. 


2. He had 80 sons. 10 from each of his 8 princely wives viz., Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Bhadra and Lakshmana.

6 brothres

3. In order to pay Gurudakshina, Krishna brought back his guru Sandipani’s son to life


4. Krishna planned his own death by asking for a son (Sambha) from Lord Shiva that bore his powers of destruction


5. Krishna was killed by an arrow that developed from a mace which emerged from inside of Sambha


6. Krishna briefly brought back all the dead seven sons of his mother Devaki.


7. Putna  the witch disguised herself as a nursing mother and tried to kill Krishna when he was an infant. He sucked her life out of her body and rendered her lifeless and also granted her salvation.


8. Arjun and Krishna got into a fierce fight which Lord Shiva had to break up. It was Krishna’s way to teach Arjun to fight against loved ones


9. The flute of Krishna is said to have seven holes representing the seven sins in life. As we fight these sins, Krishna’s melody flows through us





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